UrbanPosture Helping with Benefits Show

Join us tonight at the Vaudeville Mews. The show starts at 7:30. Wade Stover designed the posters, Leslie helped print them and Sarah and her husband are playing the show!
Wayde and Erin Stover are organizing this event – here’s what it’s all about:
‘Chris and Es Kretzu are having a baby! Along with the joys of bringing new life into the world, it has also come with it’s share of complications. Baby appears to be well and growing, but Mama is currently in the hopsital on extended bedrest. In an effort to alleviate some of the burdens of medical expenses, a benefit concert will be thrown in their honor!!’
Hope to see you there!

Featured on Splashlife

We are so excited to be featured on Splashlife right now. They put together an amazing article in honor of National Craft Month, called 30 Under 30. It is so much fun to read all the other stories of Crafters around the world.  Read our section here!

wall paper inspiration

Leslie and I took a field trip to a local wall paper store today in search of paper for her client. We came across our oh-so-beloved Cole&Sons – full of wonderful inspiration! It really put me in the mood to work on new motifs for our spring collection!

Catching up.

Goodness, where has the time gone?! We finished up our year of shows with the Renegade Holiday Craft show in Chicago and the night that I drove home, Sarah was giving birth to precious little Roy.  (It’s a good thing, otherwise I would have given her a hard time about not coming along to help.)

I had a great time as always at Renegade! But it was not the same without my partner in crime.

I did have two of the loveliest booth helpers one can find though! Angie and Tiffany do their best to represent the UP. We teased about how they even coordinated their outfits with their Dear Head t-shirts and army green skirt and jacket. No one sent me the memo!

Monday, I took the L into the Loop to go see Tiffany at work and see Macy’s all decked out in Christmas decor. I miss the days of living in Chicago and all the holiday cheer.

An amazing view I wanted to share with you from the 9th floor at Macy’s looking down to the 1st. It made me a little scared that I could possibly drop my phone when I took this picture. I think I was more concerned for my phone versus the person I would hit, whoops.

What a great year it has been for us, we would have never imagined all the blessings that we have received!  We hope you all had a wonderful holidays and wish everyone blessings in the new year!

Please Welcome…

Photography by Jenny Melle

the Parlours Music Video

Remember the blog I posted last month about our furniture being used in a music video? We are excited to share with you the finished product!

Our friend’s the Parlours, I Dream of Chicago

filmed by: Des Moines Freelancer

Black Friday Review

I am slightly sad to think… Friday was our last show together for the year as well as our last show without a new baby.  Now don’t you worry about Renegade Craft holiday show this coming weekend… Leslie will be there with guest helpers. We are leaving Sarah home so she can have a baby. Not sure when baby Wolfcub will decide to come but we are hoping soon.  We did discuss how cool it would be if the baby was born at Renegade but I don’t know who would be into that.

Anyway, Black Friday Market Day was phenomenal! We loved being in the Pappajohns Center with all the naturallight and open area.  It was exciting to see the amount of people who came out and supported all us makers by buying local on such a large retail day! Thank you Cat and Scott for all your hard work in putting Market Day together, we really appreciate all your hard work!

Our friend Jen took some really cute pictures of Sarah and I to capture the day.

I really don’t think Sarah even looks like she is a week away from having a baby.

Herds of people shopping

a glimpse of our merchandise

Who else bought local on Black Friday?

Christmas Ideas

Looking for some crafty ideas for this holiday season? Go pick up the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Christmas Ideas publication… you might recognize an item of two.

We were so excited to be flipping through the pages looking for the article… and there is was!

I think I could have jumped up and shown everyone in the magazine isle at Barnes and Noble.

{you may find our post card to purchase in our Etsy shop}

What are you planning on making this holiday season?

Our thanks for BHG for including us in the issue! Happy holiday crafting everyone!

Handmade for the Holidays

We are gearing up for the holidays and have scheduled to be apart of two great shows this season!

Our first show is just around the corner; BLACK FRIDAY Market Day, held right here in Des Moines!

You will also find us (or should I say Leslie) at the Renegade Holiday Fair in Chicago on December 4th and 5th. Sarah will be 9 months pregnant THAT weekend! So maybe there will be baby news if you stop bye to say hello.

Hope to see you all!

Choose to buy handmade for the holidays.

Knit Together

One of my clients gave a gift certificate for Knitted Together, a lovely little yarn shop here in Des Moines. I finally had a chance to go out and spend it. Of course, I took Leslie for moral support!
Here’s my loot:
Baby is going to have the softest hats and mittens and pods! AND it’s the perfect time of the year to be knitting…